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How can I restrict access to certain products?
Posted by WushNet - Michael Ching on 18 September 2011 06:28 AM
Group access controls can be used to restrict access to products by user groups.  To set up group access controls:

1. Enable "makeproductgroups" parameter in Administration -> Parameters -> Group Security.  This will create a security group for each new product which is created.
2. For existing products, create a group for each product by going to Administration -> Groups -> Add Group and creating a group of the same name as each existing product.
3. Set the appropriate group access controls by going to Administration -> Products. For each product, click on the product name then select "Edit Group Access Controls". Select "MANDATORY" for both MemberControl and OtherControl for the group which should be associated with this product (i.e. the group with the same name as the product). This will enforce the policy such that all bugs created in the product are set as restricted to members of the group selected.
4. Assign users into each group by going to Administration -> Users, then searching for the username. Select the user, and select the checkbox in the "User is a member of these groups" column for each group they should be assigned to.
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