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Why doesn't the 'Logout' button always work?
Posted by WushNet - Michael Ching on 25 February 2009 06:32 PM
Due to the way in which standard HTTP authentication is handled by the web browser, logout requests can sometimes be ignored. By default, your browser will cache authentication data, and automatically resend it every time it is asked for it by a given site. We use various javascript methods to request that the browser clear the cache when the Logout button is clicked, but since there is no defined standard for implementing this web browsers will sometimes fail to honor the request in some cases or only clear the cache sporadically.

We have found that the logout can be more reliable from the main wiki start page than it is from inner pages, but the root cause is the browser not responding properly to the request we send to clear its cache. As such, the only completely reliable ways to do a logout are to use any mechanisms your browser provides to clear the http auth cache (e.g tools -> clear private data -> authenticated sessions in firefox), or to close the browser completely.
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