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Can I migrate from SVN to Git?
Posted by WushNet - Michael Ching on 13 February 2014 02:27 AM

Yes, migrating from SVN to Git can be done fairly easily for most users.

For existing customers, we can add git to your account and give you a few days to migrate at no cost. If you need to keep both running for a while, we would need to add the new service to billing, but could remove the old one as soon as you were done with it.

If you use the proper migration procedures, then all of your changeset history will be preserved. See for information on converting from SVN to Git. The basic procedure is that you would use "git svn" to create a local git repository from your existing SVN repository; it has various flags to help with mappings and splitting the repository. Then you would push the resulting repositories up to the git account.

Git does not support per-directory access controls and users clone the entire repository, so in general we recommend splitting into multiple repositories if you currently have multiple projects in one svn repository. Our git plans include an unlimited number of repositories, so this would not be an issue.

Performing conversion itself is beyond the scope of our standard support, but if you do not wish to do it yourself using the documentation above, we offer migration services for $15 base + $10/repository. For example, if splitting 1 SVN repository into 4 Git repositories, it would be $55. We would make an effort to retain any trunk, tags, branches hierarchy in place, but this is not always possible if the original layout was improper.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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