How can I change the project logo in Trac?
Posted by WushNet - Michael Ching on 01 September 2008 01:32 AM
You are able to configure your project logo directly through the WebAdmin module using the following steps:

1. Browse to and log in using an account with Trac administrative privileges. By default, this is the developer account with the same name as your account name. For example, if your account name was "myProject1", you would log in to with the username "myProject1".
2. Click the "Admin" tab at the top of your page. Then, click the "Upload/Manage Files" menu item on the left side of your screen
3. Check the box next to "project_logo.png" and click "Delete selected files" to remove the existing logo
4. Name your logo image file on your computer project_logo.png (or project_logo.jpg, project_logo.gif, etc.).
5. Click "Browse" in in the "Upload File:" form and browse to the logo file on your computer. Click "Upload" to upload it.
6. If your file was named project_logo.png, it should appear at the top of your page already and you are finished. If it was another format, you will need to continue on.
7. Click "Header Logo" under the "trac.ini" section
8. Modify the "src" field to be "site/project_logo.jpg" or "site/project_logo.gif" as appropriate to match the file you uploaded. Click Apply to save your changes.
9. Your logo should now appear at the top of your page. If your logo does not appear, please contact and we will assist with troubleshooting.

If you are an existing customer, you may be running on an older setup of Trac. If you see the text "Powered by Trac 0.10.4" at the bottom of your Trac pages, please contact to have our staff apply the needed changes for you. Please include your logo as an attachment or provide a link where it can be downloaded.
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