What are Trac tags and why do I want to use them?
Posted by Michael Ching (Admin) on 17 August 2006 02:56 AM

Tags are like hierarchically organized wiki entries, however with them you can categorize a wiki entry under multiple tags and not just under one hierarchy. You can then search for wiki entries categorized under a tag or a collection of tags. In other words, tags provide a faceted classification system for the Trac wiki.

As an added bonus, tags are linked to the wiki entry of the same name, allowing you to describe them explicitly under the wiki entry of the same name. This allows for a flexible means for establishing the context of wiki entries. Besides this, tags also make it incredibly easy to create todo lists or indexes.

Tags don't have to be predefined. As long as there are wiki entries categorized under a tag, it'll be automatically created.

Tags are similar to labels in gmail, tags in the social bookmark manager, and the photo sharing site, Flickr and WikiMedia categories. They are substantially different than the latter because tags are associated with wiki entries of the same name, whereas WikiMedia Categories are just indexes.

If you would like tags enabled for your Trac site, please submit your request in a ticket and we will enable the feature for you.
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