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Can I download my nightly backups?
Posted by Michael Ching (Admin) on 10 March 2006 09:59 AM
Yes, you can download a copy of your SVN and Trac data at any time through our web control panel.

You can download the nightly hotcopy of your repository by logging into the Members Area ( and selecting the "Download Nightly Backup" link.

You can schedule nightly backups using wget:
wget --no-check-certificate --http-user YOURUSERNAME --http-passwd YOURPASSWORD -O wushbackup-`date +%F`.tar.gz

Alternatively, you can download the backup via FTP by logging into using your master account username and password. The backup files are in the "backup/" directory. If you have a large repository, this is the recommended method of retrieval.

Our FTP server does fully support TLS encryption, so if you use a client which supports it both command and data channels will be encrypted.

Using lftp, with TLS support:
lftp -u YOURUSERNAME,YOURPASSWORD -e 'set ftp:ssl-force true,ftp:ssl-protect-data true; get backup/YOURUSERNAME.tar.gz; bye'

The archive is a hotcopy of your repository, which means that it is a usable repository, readable by any SVN server or client directly rather than having to be first loaded into an empty repository (the hotcopy is the same as the end result of loading a dumpfile into a new repository).  If a dump file is needed, it can be made from the hotcopy using the standard svnadmin tools, but we recommend using the hotcopy as your backup as it is faster and more reliable.

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