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How do I manage access control?
Posted by Michael Ching (Admin) on 29 May 2005 12:32 PM

Access controls can be configured within the Members Area.

First, log in to the Members Area at using your master account username (the name of your repository) and password.  Once logged in, follow the "Manage Developer Accounts" link.

You will see a listing of existing users with the option to create new users as well as modify and remove existing users. These users correspond to developer logins which have access to Subversion, Trac and WebSVN.  At the bottom of the page, there is a "Custom Authz" section which allows you to enter authorization rules.

Members Area

Only your main account password can access the members area. Other logins you set up can access individual services such as Subversion, Trac and WebSVN.

To change your master password, use the "Change Password" option in the control panel. This is not connected to the developer login of the same name in the "Access Control" page.

Subversion Permissions

The "Subversion Guest User" will be the default permissions for all users. If set to "r" or "rw", users will not need to login to checkout or commit to your repository. Public repositories should set this to "r", private ones to "". In general, "rw" on this account is always wrong.

By default there is a user created with the login and password for your overall account. Create additional users and set their access level to give additional access to Subversion.

Trac Permissions

The "Trac Guest User" provides overall access to Trac. Setting it to "" will require a valid login to access any part of Trac.

To allow access to Trac, the access level should be set to any setting higher than "Disabled". Read-only, Read-write and Trac-only will all work the same in the context of Trac and allow access.  Fine-grained access controls can be implemented by logging in to Trac as an existing admin user and then going to the Admin -> Users page.

WebSVN Permissions

The "WebSVN Guest User" provides access to WebSVN.

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