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Can I import existing CVS or SVN data into my repository?
Posted by Michael Ching (Admin) on 13 May 2005 04:22 AM
Yes, once you sign up for an account simply make a dumpfile of your existing repository and email telling us how to retrieve the file.

To create a dumpfile from svn, use the svnadmin tool. The command should be something like:
svnadmin --deltas dump /path/to/repo | gzip > dumpfile.gz

If your data is currently in CVS, simply create a tar or zip file of the entire directory (it should have a file called CVSROOT in it). To tar a file, you can use tar: 
tar cjf dumpfile /path/to/cvs

Please note that large attachments will bounce, so do not attach your dumpfile but rather send us a link to it, upload it to the webdav area included with your account or ftp it to using your master account username and password as credentials.
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